Various decoration Ideas

Please Switch off the T.V and put down the electronic devices! These cheap and easy homemade decoration ideas can be quiet mindful exercises for your child to focus on, or bonding time if you want to join in! Have fun making some Christmas decorations this season, but make sure they’re being done with intention and love! Avoid a time with a lot of distractions, except perhaps nice background music, or of course connected conversation between those doing the activities. AND these ideas can also be modified for different celebrations throughout the year! Enjoy

Tree Decorations :

There are many different ways of decorating trees from painting your own glass balls, stitching felt into different shapes, to tying ribbons to the branches. But 2 tried and tested favourites from my kids yoga classes are fimo and plain wood shapes you can draw on. With oven baked fimo I would advise making flat stars, hearts, circles etc as they are lighter to hang and easier to put a hole through for the string! On top the flat base (I made a ‘glow within the dark’ heart base within the photo shown, which looks beautiful in the dark and youngsters find extra fun) you can use other colours to decorate it with shapes, initials, words etc. Simple wood shapes that can be coloured with pens are also another way of having personalised decorations around the house.


Paper chains are a cheap and easy way of making a bigger impact with your decorations. And they can keep kids concentrating and quiet for ages! Buy at least 2 large sheets of each colour of cardboard you’d like to use. Cut 3 – 5cm strips out of the cardboard and then test the size of ring you will want to see whether you cut each strip into 2 or 3. You will need child friendly gum and a gum friendly surface! Demonstrate that you should take 3 DEEP BREATHS while pressing the paper for the glue to set, before moving on to the next strip.


Stickers on windows or walls are often done too quickly to be a mindful activity, so attempt to make the location of the sickers the most focus of the method . They are however easier to get rid of by peeling, than the next option! Snow spray can give a beautiful effect during the festive season, especially if you cut out your own stencils and it’s done with time and focus. To make removal easier try to wipe the window clean with alcohol or vinegar after 3-4 weeks.

Mindful countertops & window sills:

Waterless snow (or glitter) globes are an excellent hand-crafted decoration for any age! Take plastic decorations that fit inside your upside jar, once glued on to the lid! When the glue is completely dry and the object is secure, pour 1cm of fake snow or glitter into the bottom of the jar. Twist the lid securely back on the jar and then turn upside down! When you want to shake it, always remind children that the snow/glitter represent our busy thinking brains. The idea is to let the ‘snow’ settle to the bottom and be still, just as we try to relax, focus and still our minds.

Around the house:

Sticking balls to lamps, mirrors, and frames is an easy way to decorate a space. However, to make it mindful, the person needs to take some time and concentration as to where the decorations are going to be placed, and in placing them there. There needs to be focus and intent and make sure it’s not rushed through. However, it can be fun too! Put some music on, tell some jokes, talk to one another. BUT make sure that you’re focused and present on the task at hand, and the people you’re with!


Madhubani Painting

It is a popular style of Indian Painting.

Maybe the most popular sort of Indian people’s artworks is the Mithila (likewise called Madhubani) canvases from the Mithila locale of Bihar state. For quite a long time the ladies of Mithila have enlivened the dividers of their homes with complicated, direct structures in the event of relationships and different functions, Painting is a key piece of the instruction of Mithila ladies, coming full circle in the artistic creation of the dividers of the Khobar, or matrimonial chamber on the event of a wedding. The Khobar ghar works of art depend on legendary, people topics, and tantric imagery, however, the focal subject is constantly love and ripeness.

The contemporary craft of mithila painting was conceived in the mid 1960’s, after the awful Bihar starvation. The ladies of Mithila were urged to apply their work of art aptitudes to paper as a methods for enhancing their small earnings. When applied to a compact and along these lines progressively noticeable medium, the aptitudes of the Mithila ladies were immediately perceived. The work was eagerly purchased by travelers and society workmanship gatherers the same. Similarly as with the divider artworks, these individual works are as yet painted with regular plant and mineral-inferred hues, utilizing bamboo twigs in lieu of brush or pen.

Over the resulting forty years a wide scope of styles and characteristics of Mithila workmanship have advanced, with styles separated by district and station – especially the Brahmin, Kayastha and Harijan standings. Numerous individual craftsmen have risen with particular individual styles. Among the most popular early Brahmin specialists have been the late Ganga Devi, Baua Devi, Sita Devi, and Karpoori Devi. The present driving craftsmen, working in the kayastha style, incorporate Pushpa Kumari and her grandma, Mahasundari Devi. Different painters in their family incorporate Pradyumna Kumar and Pushpa’s more youthful sister Mala Karn. Works by a few of these Mithila craftsmen (Baua Devi, Sita Devi and Mahasundari Devi), alongside Santhal jadupatua canvases and old Bengali parchments, were remembered for the show Stories, Ceremonies and Souvenirs: Popular Paintings from Eastern India at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Among the current age of Mithila craftsmen, Pushpa Kumari, and more youthful specialists, for example, Mahalaxmi Karn and Shalini Karn have extended the standard to grasp contemporary issues of instruction, innovation, ladies’ privileges and marriage fairness.


What is Painting?

Painting is the act of applying paint, shade, shading, or other medium to a strong surface (called the “network” or “backing”). The medium is regularly applied to the base with a brush, however different actualizes, for example, blades, wipes, and digitally embellish, can be utilized. The last work is additionally called a painting.

Some popular World Famous painters are: Amedeo Modigliani, Frida Khalo, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso , Leonardo Da Vinci.

Painting is a significant structure in the visual expressions, acquiring components, for example, drawing, motion (as in gestural work of art), arrangement, portrayal (as in story workmanship), or reflection (as in unique craftsmanship). Artistic creations can be naturalistic and illustrative (as in a still life or scene painting), photographic, theoretical, account, symbolistic (as in Symbolist workmanship), emotive (as in Expressionism), or political in nature (as in Artivism).

A part of the historical backdrop of painting in both Eastern and Western workmanship is overwhelmed by strict craftsmanship. Instances of this sort of painting range from fine art portraying fanciful figures on ceramics, to Biblical scenes Sistine Chapel roof, to scenes from the life of Buddha or different pictures of Eastern strict cause.

In craftsmanship, the term painting portrays both the demonstration and the aftereffect of the activity. The help for works of art incorporates such surfaces as dividers, paper, canvas, wood, glass, enamel, ceramics, leaf, copper and concrete, and the composition may join numerous different materials including sand, dirt, paper, mortar, gold leaf, just as articles.


Indian Paintings

Indian Paintings has an extremely long custom and history in Indian workmanship, however on account of the climatic conditions not very many early models survive. The soonest Indian artworks were the stone canvases of pre-notable occasions, for example, the petroglyphs found in places like Bhimbetka rock covers. A portion of the Stone Age rock artistic creations found among the Bhimbetka rock covers are around 10,000 years of age. You can check these, 10 most famous paintings of India.

India’s antiquated Hindu and Buddhist writing has numerous notices of royal residences and different structures brightened with works of art, however, the artistic creations of the Ajanta Caves are the most noteworthy of a couple of ones which endure. Littler’s scope painting in compositions was presumably additionally drilled in this period, however, the soonest stabilities are from the medieval period. Another style was presented with Mughal painting, speaking to a combination of the Persian smaller than usual with more seasoned Indian customs, and from the seventeenth century its style was diffused across Indian august courts, all things considered, each building up a nearby style. Organization artworks were made for British customers under the British raj, which from the nineteenth century additionally presented workmanship schools along Western lines. This prompted present-day Indian composition, which is progressively coming back to its Indian roots. Some Popular Indian Painters are Amrita Sher Gil, Raja Ravi Verma, Tyeb Mehta, and others. They are as popular as Pablo Picasso, Amedeo Modigliani, Pierre Auguste Renoir.

Indian works of art can be comprehensively named wall paintings, miniatures, and compositions on fabric. Paintings are enormous works executed on the dividers of strong structures, as in the Ajanta Caves and the Kailashnath sanctuary. Smaller than usual works of art are executed from a more minor perspective for books or collections on short-lived material, for example, paper and fabric. Hints of wall paintings, in fresco-like strategies, make due in various locales with Indian stone cut engineering, returning in any event 2,000 years, however, the first and fifth century stays at the Ajanta Caves are much the most significant.

Works of art on the material were regularly created in a progressively well-known setting, frequently as society workmanship, utilized for instance by voyaging reciters of epic verse, for example, the Bhopal of Rajasthan and Chitrakathi somewhere else, and purchased as trinkets of journeys. Not very many stabilities are more established than around 200 years, however, it is clear the conventions are a lot more established. Some local conventions are as yet delivering works.


Majnu Bhai’s Painting From Welcome “Has Travelled Far And Wide”

Majnu Bhai ki Painting is so popular nowadays. It is the most viral image. It is searched on internet like Most Famous Paintings in History.

Since the time the Cricket World Cup has launched in England, it has welcomed a plenty of images via web-based networking media and something very similar occurred with a specific picture that was shared by England’s Buckingham Palace, which demonstrated the Queen presenting with the chiefs of all ICC Cricket World Cup groups, including India’s Virat Kohli. This doesn’t end here, the image additionally incorporates Anil Kapoor urf Majnu Bhai’s painting from the film, Welcome.

On that note, a thrilled Anil Kapoor shared this comical reward for his fans. He inscribed it as “Majnu Bhai’s craft has gone far and wide @BazmeeAnees! This is actually extremely valuable!” The work of art, which was highlighted in Welcome and later in a few images throughout the years, shows a jackass on a pony’s back and that painting was utilized on this image.

This image photograph became famous online in a matter of seconds. Not just that, Anil fans likewise got into the kidding mode and remarked, “Angrez Kohinoor ke baad humaare majnoo Bhai ki painting bhi le Gaye”. Another mutual an image from Anil’s gathering with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, yet a similar work of art is hanging there as well. “Anil Bhaiya, hit aapke sath modi ji ki meeting me slack sakti hai to sovereign kya cheez hai,” they wrote in their tweet.